Significant Accomplishments


Fought to make possession of the chemicals and precursors needed to manufacture illicit methamphetamine illegal and made unlawful clandestine laboratories that manufacture any illegal substance.

His efforts to combat human trafficking by targeting owners and operators of massage parlors instead of simply arresting the human trafficking victim forced to work in the establishment.

Championed the Delaware Department of Correction and it's officers, which not only protects correctional officers, improves work conditions for the officers, and allows the Department to retain and employ quality officers, it also allows the Department to staff key rehabilitation programs affording offenders opportunities to address issues which many have led to incarceration.

Worked to pass the Extreme Crimes Prevention Act, which if enacted would correct constitutional issues with the imposition of the death penalty as a sentence for the most heinous offenders and if imposed would help to prevent these dangerous individuals from returning to our communities.

In combination with other legislators he supported the restoration of funding for farmland and open space preservation.

Sponsored amendment to legislation by making it a mandatory report to law enforcement where a patient has communicated an explicit and imminent threat to kill or seriously injure another. This amendment places the responsibility on law enforcement and courts to determine whether the patient has access to firearms and ammunition and whether there is probable cause to believe the patient is dangerous to others.

Creation of the State’s The Office of Animal Welfare, which protects the health, safety, and welfare of companion animals, and promotes the human-animal bond in the state of Delaware.

Co-sponsored legislation to create the Angel Investor Tax Credit, which will incentivize investment in start-up companies in emerging high-tech fields in Delaware. This law is illustrative of government’s role in economic development. Government is best when it establishes conditions for the private sector to innovate and create jobs.